"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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when a group of teenagers walks past you and starts laughing at you for no apparent reason


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the word ‘bisexuality’ is a taboo

it isn’t said on tv. orange is the new black, for example, features a bisexual protagonist who points out the biphobia at one point in assuming she can’t be attracted to multiple genders, but no one Ever says the word and she is ignored and…

"Today I was taught that my ideal body weight is 20 pounds less than what I weigh
and had some arm fat squeezed only to be told that my BMI should be significantly lower.
Did I mention that we learned about eating disorders the week before?
After learning the signs, symptoms, and ways to eliminate anorexia and bulimia,
we were shown a video.
Seventeen picture of anorexic girls and a toothbrush down a throat later,
I found myself in the bathroom vomiting unwillingly for the first time in six months.
But this is not a poem about me or some vomit in a shitty school bathroom.
This is a poem about the way schools poorly teach eating disorders.
As I watched the anorexic and bulimic girls on the classroom TV
I saw not one boy or one person who weighed more than 100 pounds.
I am tired of being left out of the subculture of people who have struggled with eating disorders
I weigh 135 pounds.
Why am I not taught that over 10% of anorexics are boys?
If I am going to be accurately taught:
How to prove overlapping triangles congruent
When and why semicolons are used
How the holocaust affected Europe
and the chemicals that plants absorb
I sure as hell better be taught that
20 million woman and 10 million men suffer from eating disorders just in America a year.
It better become known to all 1,723 kids in my school that only 10% of people struggling with eating disorders actually receive some type of help.
Odds are you don’t know that
33% of boys admit to starving themselves in order to lose weight.
Odds are you don’t know that because health classes only show
the stereotypical anorexic girl who is white and does ballet.
Things are changing and so should health class curriculums.
I am tired of hearing my classmates call a petite girl anorexic or bulimic when body size and shape has nothing to do with having anorexia or bulimia.
Schools need to teach that these disorders are more than something that Hollywood stars turn to to lose weight,
These are diseases that take over the mind.
But until schools make that clear,
I am stuck watching videos of anorexic ballerinas with ribs more visible than the beauty that they once had."
- Health Class is a hypocritical bitch by Lindsay Brooke (2.24.14)

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